“Operating in over 54 countries the UK’s National Security & Resilience Consortium (‘NS&RC’) is a sophisticated, technically advanced consortium, comprised of some of the most creative minds in the United Kingdom.”

NS&RC Head of Global Operations


Reality to Resilience

The challenges faced by Governments and Organisations of all shapes and sizes, have never been more diverse – from war in developed nations to climate risk and culture change, through to economic, social and political unrest.  

Future thinking Governments and Organisations do not always have the requisite experience or subject matter expertise to deal with highly complex issues without forming partnerships.

The strongest, most sustainable and beneficial  partnerships are defined by trust, relevance and long-term support. Partnerships where both parties work together, progress together and benefit together.

NS&RC Capability Clusters

The National Security and Resilience Consortium is divided in to fully integrated capability clusters which are chaired by an Executive member of the NS&RC Consortium.

Featured NS&RC Members

The National Security and Resilience Consortium’s Members have a wealth of experience in the security, resilience and technology sectors. Your first point of contact will be with our Resilience Directorate who will work with you to understand your resilience and security challenges in order to design the most appropriate solution.

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